9% of Milwaukee
students will earn a
high school diploma
and a college degree

12% of low-income
students that enroll
in college will earn
a degree in the US

College graduates earn
84% more than
high school graduates

A Proven Model for Achieving Success in the Community

More low-income students than ever are enrolling in college, yet most fail to graduate within six years. In fact, only 12% of enrolled low-income students in the US are completing college in that timeframe. As a result, many low-income students accumulate an insurmountable sum of debt but do not earn a degree with which to pay it off. In Milwaukee, the situation is even worse: only 9% of all Milwaukee students will earn both a high school diploma and a college degree. All-In Milwaukee intends to change that.

More than 25 years ago, Wallin Education Partners in Minneapolis began providing comprehensive support to ensure college completion for high-potential, low-income students. Today, they celebrate a 93% success rate of scholars earning their college degrees within six years. Wallin also has a 95% career placement rate, a more than 80% regional retention rate, and 40% of students graduate with no debt.

Based on Wallin’s proven model, All-In Milwaukee is designed to help high-achieving low-income students navigate this “last mile” of their education. Through a coordinated collaboration of students, families, pathway partners, universities, advisors and donor partners, scholars will receive extensive support to help them navigate the challenging financial, academic, and social aspects of college. Ultimately, our goal is to help these scholars achieve a college degree and matriculate into the Milwaukee workforce.

Completing the Last Mile

The last mile refers to a student’s post-secondary education. With college graduates earning – over a lifetime – an average of one million dollars in additional income, the last mile is the million dollar difference between a high school diploma and a college degree.

Although there are several K-12 initiatives supporting low-income, high-potential Milwaukee students to college, All-In Milwaukee provides comprehensive support to ensure students complete college – the last mile in their education journey.

Our target is 30-40 scholars in 2019 with the goal to increase to 50 new scholars a year, totaling 200 scholars by 2023. We invite you to become “All-In” in helping more students complete the last mile.

More Information Coming November 2018.

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Allison Wagner, Executive Director